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Our Water

Refined Refreshment
Naturally Pure

Our water is well balanced and rich in good minerals, providing a versatile, refreshing water with a subtlety sweet flavour. Our water is virtually absent of nitrates and nitrites, reflecting the quality of the ground and catchment area. Harrogate Spring was awarded 'Best in Class', taking gold at The British Bottlers Institute Tasting Awards in 2011 and 2012.

Our sparkling water is very slightly carbonated, giving it a more gentle drink-ability and making it the perfect palate cleanser to accompany any meal. Harrogate Spring was voted 'The World's Finest Sparkling Bottled Water' at the International Water Tasting Awards at Berkeley Springs, USA.

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Beautifully Balanced
Perfectly Percolated

Our spring water is abstracted straight from source and immediately bottled at our state-of-the-art, show-piece production facility on Harlow Hill in Harrogate. Our water remains completely untouched to ensure optimum purity and freshness.

Our on site microbiology laboratory constantly monitors production to maintain the highest possible quality. We are proud to have always achieved the highest levels of accreditation.

Calcium 52.7 mg/l Ca
Magenesium 18.5 mg/l Mg
Sodium 7.4 mg/l Na
Bicarbonate 215 mg/l HCO3
Chloride 34 mg/l Cl
Nitrate NIL
Sulphate 8.2 mg/l SO4

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Typical Analysis


Purity Drawn from

Our location within the protected catchment area, known locally as The Pinewoods Conservation Area, sits within acres of untouched land and was specifically chosen for the excellent water quality; absolutely pure with a perfectly balanced mineral content.

Our water takes many different routes, filtering through layers of rock until it reaches the level at which we abstract. During its journey our water becomes naturally enriched with minerals to create pure, refreshing Harrogate Spring Water which we enjoy today. We believe our water to be up to 500 years old.

Branded Cap

The bespoke Harrogate Spring caps feature the brand's Royal Pump Room icon, ensuring the product is instantly recognisable as well as further enhancing the authenticity and premium appeal.

The Diamond Bottle

This striking design has been implemented throughout the Harrogate Spring family, across both PET and glass. Inspired by the classic architecture of Harrogate, the bottle’s diamonds disperse light to create an eye-catching, sparkling effect; guaranteeing stand out. The rigid diamond lattice provides exceptional strength as well as beauty.

The Iconic Label

Harrogate’s instantly recognisable colour palette of black, white and silver, introduces classic typography from Harrogate’s elegant heyday and combines subtle Far Eastern background patterns, inspired by the town's illustrious past.
The lineage along with an image of the Royal Pump Room are now also celebrated on pack.

Bottle - 500ml Harrogate Spring Water