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The Original British Spa Town - Harrogate Spring Water
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Harrogate Spring Water is recognised and respected as being one of the finest premium spring waters in the world.

As the Official Water of Ascot, Royal Ascot and England & Great Britain Hockey, we share heritage and passion. As the original British bottled water, we’re proud to continue to hydrate the very Best of British.

Branded Cap

The bespoke Harrogate Spring caps feature the brand's Royal Pump Room icon, ensuring the product is instantly recognisable as well as further enhancing the authenticity and premium appeal.

The Diamond Bottle

This striking design has been implemented throughout the Harrogate Spring family, across both PET and glass. Inspired by the classic architecture of Harrogate, the bottle’s diamonds disperse light to create an eye-catching, sparkling effect; guaranteeing stand out. The rigid diamond lattice provides exceptional strength as well as beauty.

The Iconic Label

Harrogate’s instantly recognisable colour palette of black, white and silver, introduces classic typography from Harrogate’s elegant heyday and combines subtle Far Eastern background patterns, inspired by the town's illustrious past.
The lineage along with an image of the Royal Pump Room are now also celebrated on pack.

Bottle - 500ml Harrogate Spring Water